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Car Finance Q&A

About car finance application

  Is my information secure?
  Yes, your information is Safe & Secure. We adhere to a strict privacy policy.
  What happens now that I’ve submitted a finance application?
  One of our professional consultants will contact you either the same day or the next business day to discuss your finance application with you and gather any additional information we need.
  How long will it take to get my loan approved?
  We aim for less than 24 hours approval turnaround on all applications, however, some loans are more complex and may take a little longer.
  What are my chances of approval?
  We have Responsible Lending obligations under the National Credit Code. To meet these obligations we must make an assessment of the suitability of the loan for you. This means that you must be able to afford the repayments and the loan must meet your needs. As every applicant is different it is not possible to tell you your chances of approval in advance of our assessment. We do not reject any application and every application is evaluated on its merits.
  Are your interest rates competitive?
  We have a broad range of lenders on our panel. This enables us to find a competitive interest rate for you. However, the interest rate available to you will depend on whether you are a high or low-risk borrower, your credit history and the goods you wish to purchase.

About finance applicant

  What are the basic conditions for an applicant to apply for car finance?
  To apply a car finance, you must :
• Be 18 or older
• A permanent 'Australian Resident' or on a 457 working visa
• Not presently Bankrupt or under a deed arrangement Part 9 or 10
• Currently employed
  I have been working on a casual basis 3 years but will transfer to part-time/ full-time job in a matter of weeks. I have a bad crediting rating but have good reasons. I recently applied to the Bank for a loan but my application was rejected. My options are running thin and nobody will give me a chance even though I am attempting to pay off my debts and have just recently paid one off in full. I am enquiring about putting a 2nd applicant on my application for credit. Can I put my mum as a joint applicant as she has agreed to help me?
  Yes, we have a facility to assist customers that have experienced financial difficulties in the past, however to determine if we are able to assist you further detail is required.
  What if I've only been employed for a short time?
  To enable us to assess your requirements we will require a full application which can be completed online or alternatively we can have one of our consultants contact you to discuss your needs and take an application by phone.
  Can you find me the car of my dreams?
  Yes! At the touch of a button we have access to over 2000 quality pre owned vehicles and if we don’t seem to have what you are looking for we also provide an auto search facility to find the vehicle of your choice. Go to Find a car with us


  Can I transfer an existing car finance to your company? Are there extra payment/early termination fees?
  It is possible for us to arrange refinance of your current car finance. The rates available are determined by several factors including your current personal situation, the age of the vehicle and your previous finance history. An exact quote requires an assessment of a completed application. This can be completed online or over the phone.
No fees are payable for paying extra on the loan but additional or bulk payments can reduce the amount of interest payable as the interest payments are calculated on the daily balance of the loan. An early termination is payable at the time of loan finalisation by all the financiers on our panel and is on average $10.00 per month for the number of months remaining on the contract (e.g. if the loan is paid out 12 months early the early termination fee is $120.00 approximately) If you have further questions about transferring a car finance to Cars & Finance Direct please do not hesitate to call or contact us.